Submit a Claim - Claim Instructions

If you purchased Weighted Goods from Walmart in the United States between February 7, 2015, and August 26, 2020, and the Weighted Goods’ unit sale price was not accurately reflected in the final sale, you may be entitled to a payment from a Class Action Settlement. The only way to receive payment is to file a Claim. Claim Forms must be submitted online or postmarked no later than January 8, 2021. Claims submitted online after the deadline or postmarked after the deadline will be deemed untimely and may not be accepted.

Each Settlement Class Member may submit only one Claim, and each eligible Settlement Class Member who submits a timely and valid Claim may receive only one payment under the Settlement, no matter how many purchases of Weighted Goods may have been made during the Settlement Class Period.


If you are claiming that you have a receipt or packaging of your Weighted Goods purchase, then documentation must be provided to support your Claim. Documents should be clear, readable copies, as anything you submit will not be returned to you. If you are filing online, please have this information ready before you start to file, as your Claim will not be saved if you have to come back and finish at a later time. If you are unable to electronically upload a copy of your documents as part of the online Claim Form, you will need to mail a printed Claim Form along with your documentation to the Claims Administrator. Valid documentation includes receipts, scanned copies of packaging, or other documents showing the inaccurate reduced price for the Weighted Goods.

File Online:

After clicking the button below, you will be asked to provide your contact information, information about the number of Weighted Goods purchased or total refund based on packaging, and any documentation you wish to provide to prove those claims. Please have all your documentation ready, as your Claim will not be saved if you have to come back and finish at a later time.

File by Mail:

If you wish to submit a Claim for a settlement payment via standard mail, you may download a copy of the Claim Form here. You will need to provide all of the information requested on the Claim Form, attach any documentation or packaging, sign it, and date it. Then mail it to the following address:

Walmart Weighted Goods Settlement
c/o Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 3015
Portland, OR 97208-3015

Remember, all Claims must be submitted online or postmarked no later January 8, 2021.